Garment Workshop

The custom-made elastic garments of imported or national fabric, are made directly in our establishments with experienced staff and are given to patients free of charge. The compression achieved with these elements allows to correct or reduce the thickening of the injured skin when a scar begins. 

Each patient receives two sets of compressive garments custom made in COANIQUEM. The workshop produces more than 3,000 garments every year.

Rosana Roa M.
Coordinadora Taller

Carolina Castillo Ch.
Taller Pto. Montt

Marcela Aviles G.
Taller Antofagasta

M. Jessica Alarcón
Taller Santiago

María Villafaña R.
Taller Santiago

Liliana Arcos M.
Taller Santiago

Rosa Soto
Taller Santiago

Beatriz Santander
Taller Santiago

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