Social Service

It helps the burned child and his family by coordinating, when necessary, with community institutions near the home of low-income patients, who are the majority of burn injuries. The appropriate social diagnosis allows granting benefits for the child and his family’s attendance to treatment, reducing the possibilities of desertion related to economic difficulties, offering in these cases free transportation, lodging and food in Santiago for patients from other regions of the country.

It aims at guiding and helping to get social support networks from the location of origin to people with low income in order to encourage attendance and commitment to the treatment, which can last several years. When it is necessary, the benefit of accommodation and transportation is granted to patients from far away places.

Luz María Santis
Coord. Asistente Social

Liliana Maturana R.
Asistente Social

Mirna Patricia S.
Asistente Social

Nelson Martinez M.
Asistente Social

María Loreto G.
Asistente Social

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