The rehabilitation team is led by a Physiatrist, who evaluates the patient, performs a detailed medical history and physical examination, on the basis of which is developed a treatment plan with specific short, medium and long term goals; to work together with the different team members: kinesiologist, occupational therapist, psychologist and social worker. In addition, he /she monitors the patient during the acute and sequelae stages, re-evaluating and modifying the treatment plan according to each child’s needs.

He /she also coordinates the actions carried out by the different members of the team and interact with doctors from other specialties, particularly with the surgical team, which in the sequelae stage will seek the most appropriate moment for the functional and/or aesthetic treatment of the scarring injuries. The incorporation of the physiatrist has made it possible to coordinate in a timely, early, effective and efficient manner with the rehabilitation team, regarding the interventions that the child and his or her family should receive. In addition, he/she considers and evaluates aspects that interest the child,and the family, concerning his/her rehabilitation, making them part of the team.

Dr. Matías Orellana S.
Médico Fisiatra

Dra. N. Alejandra Guerrero F.
Médico Fisiatra

Dra. Beatriz Ormeño U.
Médico Fisiatra

Dra. María Gabriela H.
Médico Fisiatra

Jorge Gutierrez F.

Gabriela Hidalgo
Médico Fisiatra

Paloma de la Fuente
Médico Fisiatra

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