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COANIQUEM’s international program began in 1998. With the support of the Chilean State Chancellery and its consulates, as well as the Rotary Club of Santiago and different Rotary Clubs throughout South America,the “Rotaryquem” Program began with the purpose to:- Provide access to the integral rehabilitation that COANIQUEM grants to children from Central and South American countries that require it.Train health professionals from other countries that treat burned children, as well as promoting the development of interdisciplinary teams that could repeat the COANIQUEM healthcare model.

Today, with the support of different institutions, more than 500 professionals from 20 countries have been trained and around 240 foreign patients have been rehabilitated. Both areas of development are still in progress and growing.


In order to strengthen the international outreach of COANIQUEM, in 1998 the COANIQUEM BCF Foundation (COANIQUEM Burned Center AID for Children Foundation) was created in the USA, with the purpose of obtaining economical resources to finance the international program and to encourage alliances for innovation and developments in various areas. An Ad Honorem Executive Board is established and every year they promote diverse actions and fundraising events for the benefit of burned children as well as alliances with important universities and international organizations.


COANIQUEM is one of the Chilean organizations accredited by the UN Global Communications Department to the Civil Society of the United Nations.

The most recent initiative, now under development, corresponds to the “FIREWORKS NO MORE” Program, which together with various international organizations and the Foreign Ministry of the State of Chile, aims to get the UN to make a resolution that urges its country members to legislate the domestic control use of fireworks.

The goal is to create a standard Law, based on the Chilean legislation introduced by COANIQUEM, and to significantly reduce the number of children and adolescents who are burned by fireworks around the world every year.

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