– Massive information campaigns to the general population about specific burn prevention mechanisms (Example: Prevention with Santi, Prevention of burns in the home, #ConsejosCOANIQUEM, Ceasefire Campaign)

-Community education through massive speeches, conferences to educators and others, about burning causes, devices, safer conditions at home and associated actions that can avoid the risk.

– Participation in working groups on the safety of products with organizations related to the subject such as SERNAC, SEC, MINSAL, and others. The goal is that families should have appliances such as electric kettles, stoves and others that are ever safer.

Burn prevention for young children

Campaign “SANTI teaches you how to prevent burns”

Santi is COANIQUEM’s mascot, he is a very naughty cat who is always with his friends Camila and Lucas who protect him and warn him when he gets close to the risk of burning. These characters allow us to have an exclusive didactic material for children up to 12 years old, which shows them Santi exposing himself to risks when he gets close to the different burn causing elements (hot liquids, iron, fire, others) and his friends teach him about the danger and protect him.

We invite you to see your drawings of Prevention with Santi
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Santi and the fire Santi and the kettle
Santi and the iron Santi and the fireworks

Home burn prevention Campaign


Cease Fire Campaign

Since 1993 COANIQUEM has been carrying out the annual Ceasefire Campaign and the Epidemiological Surveillance of Burns caused by Fireworks. The maximum achievement was the enactment of Law 19.680 on May 25, 2000, which prohibits the domestic use, purchase and sale of fireworks and provides prior authorization for massive pyrotechnic shows. After this, COANIQUEM has registered an important decrease in the frequency of burn consultations due to this cause.

We seek to avoid the burns caused by the use of fireworks, as well as to spread prevention information about burns caused by these artifacts. All fireworks contain gunpowder, once lit they are unmanageable and it is not possible to direct their course; surveys show that usually the affected person is not the one who manipulates it but the one who watches, mostly children.

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