Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate a medical specialist?

– Please write to us at

My child got burned, but at the regional hospital/consultancy they don't have all the supplies needed for his/her treatment, what can I do?

– You should ask for an appointment at the regional hospital or medical office to refer your child to COANIQUEM.

Hi, I'm from another country and my son/daughter was burned by boiling water. Do we have to travel to Chile for treatment there?

– Yes, you must send us the name of the guardian (adult with whom he or she will be traveling), name of the patient, phone number, email, city and country of residence, to the email

Do you have an emergency service?

– In COANIQUEM we do not have an emergency service, only outpatient rehabilitation treatments.

Do you have a hospitalization service?

– We do not have a hospitalization service. In COANIQUEM we only provide outpatient rehabilitation treatment.

Can I be treated by COANIQUEM if I am from another region?

– Yes, in COANIQUEM we treat children from all over the country, we have 21 regional branches that will help you get your attention in the nearest rehabilitation center. We offer additional benefits without cost in case it is required, transportation, lodging, food. Find your local office here:

Where are the rehabilitation centers located?

-We have 3 rehabilitation centers:

SANTIAGO: Avenida San Francisco 8586, Pudahuel.
ANTOFAGASTA: Av. Pedro Aguirre Cerda 11385, Región de Antofagasta.
PUERTO MONTT: Luis Ross 443, Región de los Lagos.

How do I get to COANIQUEM Antofagasta?

– Pedro Aguirre Cerda Avenue 11385, Antofagasta Region. Downtown bus stop Take the cab: 111 or 116 / Minibus: 103, 104, 114 or 129. Bus stop one block away: Minibus :107 or 108.

How do I get to COANIQUEM Santiago?

– San Francisco Avenue 8586, Pudahuel. From San Pablo subway: Take the local J18 microbus and get off at the COANIQUEM stop. From Metro Pudahuel: Take the local bus J15 or J06, get off in San Francisco with La Estrella and walk east. From Subway Quinta Normal: Take the local bus J02 and get off at the COANIQUEM stop.

How do I get to COANIQUEM Puerto Montt?

– Luis Ross 443, Región de los Lagos.

Hello, at my school, I was given an envelope to collect money for COANIQUEM, is this reliable?

– Yes, we have many fundraising programs that help us finance 100% free rehabilitation of children and adolescents with burns. And one of those is the envelope campaign. The way it works is; COANIQUEM gets in touch with different schools and kindergartens throughout the country that want to participate, giving envelopes to teachers of preschool and elementary students, mainly and sometimes middle school. These envelopes are given to the parents and each family returns them with a voluntary donation. Finally, the envelopes arrive back to COANIQUEM.

Do you treat other types of scars?

– We tell you that in COANIQUEM we give integral, specialized and free outpatient treatment to children and adolescents with burns and their sequels. We also treat patients with other types of scars, such as bites, and traumatic or surgical scars.

How can I donate in the Solidarity Stores COANIQUEM STORE?

– To donate you just have to go to your nearest Solidarity Store and leave your donation within the opening hours of each store. Find yours here:

Do you offer pick up of donations at home?

– We only do removal of large furniture, to request the removal you must send an email with a photo attached to

What are the hours of the solidarity stores?

– To have all the openings, go to this link:

Do you buy clothes for the Solidarity Shops?

– We do not buy clothes for our Solidarity Stores, we only receive donations.

How can we apply for a recycling station for our community?

– Please write to us at

Do you have furniture in the Solidarity Stores?

– Yes, we have furniture in stock in our Solidarity Stores.

Do you have an online catalog of the stores' products?

– Sí, puedes ver nuestro catálogo on line en

Do you have an online catalog of the stores' products?

– Yes, you can see our online catalog at

Can you buy products from the solidarity store on the Internet?

– Our online catalog is at

What is the age range that you treat in COANIQUEM?

– We treat children and adolescents from 0 to 20 years old.

How can I contact the area of Contributors, to have more information about my monthly donation?

– To communicate with our Direct Dialogue team, for any question related to your donation you should write to the following email:

LLámanos al:
+ 56 22 8734 000
Escribenos a:

Av. San Francisco #8586 Pudahuel, Santiago. Chile.

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