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Burns are a major public health problem in Chile, with more than 80,000 children being burned each year. In many cases, this painful experience and its scars, will be present accompanying them, day by day, throughout their lives.

En In COANIQUEM we are convinced that no child or adolescent should have their future negatively affected by having suffered burns. We believe that society should be able to welcome without barriers those who suffer and contribute to improve their situation. That is why we will not rest until we achieve that no child in our country lives this process alone, without the necessary medical and social support for the affected child, and his or her family .

Patients in Chile and Latin America in 40 years

Donors and regional supporters

Prevention instructors trained in COANIQUEM

Volunteers distributed in different áreas

Health professionals trained in COANIQUEM

Professionals from 20 Latin American countries

Rehabilitation Centers in Santiago, Antofagasta and Puerto Montt

Regional offices distributed throughout Chile

International program with volunteer teams in 20 countries in Latin America and the US.
COANIQUEM gives a 100% quality treatment and for free to all its patients. In order to achieve this, every year thousands of people support us to finance the rehabilitation for burns in children. We invite you to join our cause.

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